Step with Care LLC provides customized recommendations and a range of services to individuals transitioning to an independent living community, assisted living community or skilled nursing facility in the Greater Boston area. My initial consultations with seniors and their families identify important preferences and priorities, as well as medical, financial and other requirements. Based on these discussions, I identify options that best meet your specific circumstances and criteria, and will then develop and assist in the implementation of a personalized transition plan.

I am a Certified Senior Advisor® with 15 years of experience as a consultant, project manager, and researcher in the work/life field, partnering with employees and employers to understand challenging issues and design programs to support balancing career and personal responsibilities. My professional experience, combined with years of supporting family and friends struggling to navigate the significant and often unplanned challenges of caring for elderly or dependent adults, strengthened my resolve to provide services addressing this growing need. Many people grapple with questions such as: How do we care for this person? What’s the most appropriate living environment? What costs are involved? Are we making the right decisions? Caregivers are often both physically and emotionally exhausted, and benefit from the support and organization I provide when considering what is often an overwhelming amount of information.

My services encompass the many phases of this transition process: considering options; identifying next steps; and taking action to make your plans a reality while respecting the complexities of your situation. I have expertise and experience managing the details of this process, and can therefore provide guidance during this potentially difficult time. You determine the extent of my participation and how involved you want or are able to be. My fees are based on the nature of the services provided which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Clarify preferences, including housing features, care requirements, and financial considerations;
  • Identify and discuss appropriate residential communities based on your needs and priorities;
  • Conduct site visits to senior living communities of interest, on your behalf or with you and family members, asking questions, taking notes and debriefing after visits;
  • Coordinate the efforts of professionals with expertise in real estate, financial planning, legal, organizing, and other services;
  • Assist with the completion of paperwork required to move into a residential community or other living situation;
  • Review programs, resources and services available in a new community; and
  • Oversee the logistics of a move, including downsizing and sorting through belongings.

I look forward to working with you and your family to navigate this important transition. If you’re considering a future move or are facing an urgent need to make decisions immediately, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

Lisa Burke, M.S.
Principal & Certified Senior Advisor
Step with Care LLC
617.512.2256 (cell) ~ 774.215.0956 (office)


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